About Us



Distressed Debt Management, Loan Servicing and Property Management, developed in Portugal.


Servdebt strives to be a national and international benchmark, recognized for excellence and innovation in the provision of services in the management and recovery of distressed portfolios and property management. Because Servdebt aims to be a client-driven enterprise, we base our relationships on honesty and commitment. For that purpose, Servdebt assumes the following principles:

  • Increase our operational performance improving the support to our teams, reducing nonproductive periods, instigating our employees’ learning process and holding our best talents and experts so we can correspond to our clients’ expectations.
  • Develop line up strategies to match our internal processes and procedures with a rapid and attentive response to our clients’ requests, individually. Thus, we enrich our efficiency, upgrade our business and improve our public image.
  • Assure a vast financial internal control, through a permanent monitoring of our performance, uplifting our results and, consequently, increasing the satisfaction of our stakeholders.
  • Select and evaluate external suppliers so we can apply our values and assure top quality services.
  • Comply with all legal obligations related to our clients, our company and the standard NP EN ISO 9001:2015, ensuring the efficiency of our Quality Management System and, for that, gathering our employees support.