Distressed debt causes liquidity problems for companies, limiting their investment capacity. Allowing a specialised, credible institution to recover the overdue debt and provide them with the liquidity necessary serves to reduce costs and maximise results, channelling resources to their main activity.

Servdebt’s integrated management methodology for credit recovery processes, which relies on a dedicated team and technology developed in-house, enables more effective management of all resources, allowing the results achieved to be maximised with the greatest possible efficiency.

Servdebt’s investment in technology makes it possible to ensure online access to information about the credit portfolios being managed in a complete and detailed manner, while also providing personalised reports that cater to the specific needs of each customer.

Through this complete Outsourcing solution, Servdebt provides its customers with a focus on the relevant core business, an increase in efficiency and a reduction in the costs associated with suitable platforms for recovery of credit in default and the allocation of resources to this task.


  • Reduction of payment frequency
  • Reduction of costs with suitable recovery platforms
  • Focus on company's core business
  • Leads to Increase in Efficiency

Quick Facts

  • 58 Portfolios
  • 150.718 Accounts
  • 432.728 Loans

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