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The benefits of artificial intelligence for debt collection

The benefits of artificial intelligence for debt collection

What is the definition of artificial intelligence?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the intelligence displayed by mechanisms or software, which uses and perceives the environment that surrounds it to maximize its chances of success.

What made human beings progress overtime was their curiosity, the development of their cognitive functions, reasoning, learning ability, pattern recognition, and memory.

These are the faculties inherent to humans that are attempted to replicate and developed by artificial intelligence. It involves placing software to replicate functions used by humans, interacting with humans, and even replacing humans in some of their functions.

We've all heard of chatbots and probably even interacted with one without even know. For example, when we go to a website and interact with the chat built into it, 80% of the time this interaction is performed by an artificial intelligence software, which we call a bot.

What makes it different? The ability to learn from each answer given by a human and adapt the conversation considering what has been learned with the previous answers.

This is precisely the advantage that artificial intelligence has for collections. It analyzes data from the past and gives us the best strategy for the future, optimizing processes, and reducing the time between analysis and implementation.

Currently, at Servdebt, AI is already used for this purpose: data, patterns, and profile analysis of both debt and debtors. 

By optimizing profiles, it is possible to optimize the contact strategy, defining behavioral profiles, and the way to contact each profile, streamlining and directing the collection process.

The future of collections undoubtedly depends on the use of artificial intelligence through predictive data analysis models, developing new approaches, and optimizing the billing process.

Alexandre Oliveira

Alexandre Oliveira

Team Leader Collections


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