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What makes us different?

What makes us different?

First things first: Servdebt is a client-oriented company that is guided by strong values, such as Innovation, Excellence, Commitment and Transparency.

The way I see it, these values in alignment with our willingness to get better in every project we take part is what allows us to guarantee the best results for our clients, who seek for a credible service that can assure them the accomplishment of legal and operational procedures before all parties are involved.

Why are we different?

Besides what I mentioned before, Servdebt has a solid experience in the management of different types of portfolios, which allows us to offer an integrated solution as well as one adapted to our clients' needs.

By offering this "tailor-made" service we're creating value, and that's what distinguish us.  Also, continuous improvement is in our DNA. So, when we reach a goal, we always question ourselves how we can improve certain aspects that didn't work so well.

This on-going process helps us to put things in perspective and to learn from our mistakes because every company makes them. But at the end of the day, the ones who learn from those mistakes, are the ones who grow.

Sandra Freitas

Sandra Freitas

Head of Collections


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